Aiding Program


Music Time in GhanaIn 2003 BISON took the unusual decision that all staff should have the same salary. The yearly gross profit is split alike among all the employees – half is given in money, and half in benefits such as excercise, profile clothes, traveling, education et cetera.

A year later we decided also to share the gross profit with those who need it more than we do. Since 2004, 10% of the gross profit is given to aid projects. Our philosophy is that we want to share our abundance. We are careful to choose aiding programs where the money is used in the best ways and we have a continous contact with the persons running the programs. This gives us verification as well as inspiration to continue this meaningful work!

Playing in GhanaOur first aiding project was in Congo-Brazzaville, helping homeless adults and children. The whole company visited this program in 2005. Since then we have been a part of projects in Ethiopia and Nepal.

Every project is evaluated continuously, and we are regularly working with several projects. As of right now we are putting our aid in Uganda and in Nepal. In Uganda we are working both with our globetrotter friend Agneta, and with Maj-Britt and Torbjörn Hedefur, whom have their basis in a second hand store here in Årjäng. These are two completely different projects, which both aims to the same end: getting poor and abandoned children on their feet. Schooling them in theory and practice, both with common classroom education and by learning how to grow crop and guard poultry.

Two happy studentsIn Nepal Lennart’s niece is working as a volounteer in a project which meets women who has been subject of slavery and humiliations. The project has started a company which sells the women’s personally designed and crafted products. Please check out, perhaps you’d like to support them with a purchase of hand knitted products yourself?
The response we get from these contacts around the world is worth more than most.

Is this something that interests you? We would love to answer your questions.
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