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Our history

bison-historyIt all began the winter of 1980 with – nothing. Lennart left his job to begin a highly unsecure future.
During the first years many roads were tried. Different products – from walkers to second-hand electric typewriters and foldable axes – were in stock. When the fog lifted there was a fork in the road: buying and selling berries and mushrooms, and a very simple and high-quality music stand, made in Norway. For twenty years we worked with both these businesses, until the double work became too heavy. We are happy that the berry- and mushroom business is continued by Mr Mushroom, also here in Högelian.

Malin and Thomas

During the 1980 and 1990’s the company was developed in a slow but steady pace. The office was situated in the bedroom, and working extra as a teacher financed the daily life.

1993 was an important year. We decided to build our own premises. Today those premises have been expanded six times and are about 1.000 square meters – and Lennart and Ingegerd has a 150 meter walk to the workplace….

1995 we hired Thomas and 1997 Malin, the first staff of the company. Both are still working  at BISON.


1997 might be the most important turningpoint in the history of the company. We decided to evolve from a selling company into a manufacturing company.

From here on out we have three major categories of products: music stands, musicians chairs, and stage systems/podiums. Our customers, professional musicians and choir singers, are served with this and everything that can be named as music furniture.
Freight RussiaWe have written in our business plan that Högelian shall continue to be the center of the company, while we use subcontractors to manufacture the products. All manufacturing shall be done in Sweden.

2001 we recieved a phonecall. The voice on the other line said: “This is from BBC”. The big BBC had heard that excellent chairs for musicians were being made in little Högelian! BBC made an order and we held our heads up high.




Today we sell globally, even though we’re small. We have customers all over Europe, in China, the middle east and America. Our home business is still the base but today we export half of our annual turnover.

Johan and PerThis is written in 2014 and we are still in a highly interesting and expansive state, thanks to our international contacts. We currently have six staff members and extra staff, partly from welfare service. We make decisions about the company together, and every employee have the same salary and terms.

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