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Chairs for musicians

Musica Pro among wood anemonesBISON offers chairs for musicians in all situations. We have everything from ergonomic orchestra chairs to elevated chairs for conductors and percussionists, as well as piano stools, choir chairs and audience chairs. BISON's chairs are durable, thanks to ingenious design and solid craftmanship.

An important part of our product development at BISON is ergonomics, which has led to great customizability in several of our models of chairs. We also offer a balance chair that actively trains your core musculature. Our work with ergonomics does not only cover the musicians, but also the many ushers, stage managers and stagehands that carry, transport and store music furniture and orchestra chairs. This is why our chairs are stackable and why we offer several kinds of transportation devices.

To meet the needs of our customers we also carry accessories, such as writing board, binder's pocket and chair connection. Our chairs have a fitted upholstery which makes them comfortable even when rehearsal hours are long. Our standard fabric is Bogesund Mega, black, in 200 000 Martindale, but we can also deliver chairs in other colours or fabrics.