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Balance Chair Pilate

Balance Chair PilateBalance Chair Pilate help you achieve active sitting, which will make your core muscles stronger. This chair is ergonomic and suitable for many musicians and other professionals. Pilate is developed with special regards to musicians that often find themselves in long hours of rehearsals. While our other chairs give you support to ensure a correct posture, the balance chair makes you find this correct posture yourself, which in the long term prevents repetitive strain injuries and back pains. However, if you are not used to sitting on balancing chairs, you should begin with sitting shorter periods of time and slowly increase, to allow your muscles to get used to the new effort.

The seat cushion dressed in velour or leatherette is pumped up to desired firmness. The height is continously adjustable with a gas cartridge. This balance chair is stable and is delivered with your choice of wheels: high or low rolling resistance. Two of the wheels are lockable.


Diameter of the seat: 36 cm
Height: 55-74 cm
Weight: 7 kg