Chair Trolley Entre

Entre is a chair trolley with a unique quality: it can carry all kinds of stackable chairs. Thanks to the adjustable inclination of the trolley, it can be adapted to suit different kinds of leg constructions and chair heights. Entre has two large, robust wheels in the front and two lockable swivel castors in the back. This makes Entre easy to handle. The trolley is foldable when empty, to ensure easy transport and storage.

Entre is an obvious tool for schools, restaurants, churches and conferences, as well as concert halls and other venues for gatherings.

Because of its versatility, Entre can also be used as a cart. Entre is a stable and multi-functioning transportation tool.

Chair Trolley Entre with Orchestra Chair Musica Pro

Chair Trolley Entre as Cart


Weight: 9,4 kg
Width: 38 cm
Height: 130 cm
Shackle’s measurements: 22×46 cm
Capacity: 8-20 chairs, depending on chair’s stackability