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Elevated Chair Bass

Elevated Chair BassBass is our finest Elevated Chair. It is a lovely chair for conductors, percussionists, double-bass players and many others. Function-wise, Bass is identical with Elevated Chair Boss. What differentiates them is the seat. Bass has a bicycle-type of seat, while Boss has a conventional type of seat. Bass and Boss both have a foot support ring, that is continuously adjustable in height. The gas cartridge for height adjustment is placed within a five-leg base. The well crafted and high-quality mechanism allows you to adjust height and inclination as well as backrest depth and height, all with a simple one-hand grip. The seat cushion is soft and comfortable, dressed in high-quality fabric.

The gas cartriges are available in different heights and are as standard turnable.

As a complement we can offer wheels for the five-leg base, of which two are locked. This is useful for studio staff and others.


Weight: 12-13 kg
Sitting height: 64-90 cm (standard)