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Musician’s Chair Classic Pro

Musician’s Chair Classic ProA chair for everyone - musicians or singers, amateurs and professionals. With excellent comfort and quality, Classic Pro is built for all venues - music school or concert hall. The fact that the chairs are easily stackable is one of the advantages that makes Classic Pro one of our bestsellers and popular amongst janitors and stagehands. Classic Pro is suitable for rehearsals as well as the grand gala.

The continously adjustable back legs allows you to adapt the inclination of the seat, enabling you to sit in an ergonomic and comfortable manner. The inclination of the seat is one of the most basic and important things to learn about ergonomics, which makes Classic Pro especially interesting for schools.

Classic Pro can be supplemented with a binder pocket and of course we offer a special design chair trolley for our Classic chairs, which can transport up to 15 chairs at the same time. The chair can also be ordered with a writing board. Our model Classic Pro4 allows for continous adjustment of all four legs.


Binder Pocket for Classic ChairBinder pocket

Orchestra Chair Classic Pro4Classic Pro4


Weight: 6 kg
Sitting height (standard): 44-49 cm
Backrest depth: 45 cm
Fabrics: Standard Bogesund Mega, black, 200 000 Martindale