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Orchestra Chair Musica Pro

Orchestra Chair Musica ProOur orchestra chair Musica Pro is an uncompromising chair that puts the musician and the performance in full focus. The stylistically pure model and quality in every detail makes this product a perfect whole. This is a result from years of dedicated work. The chair is popular in professional orchestras and amongst most kinds of sitting musicians that are relieved by individual adjustments, for instance violinists, celloists and for different kinds of wind instruments.
Musica Pro has great adjustment possibilities, of which all are continous, for individual and ergonomic comfort. Chair height and tilt are adjusted by the graded screw legs, while depth and height of backrest are adjusted with a wing bolt in plastics.
The chair is easy to transport. By stacking on a specially constructed trolley eight chairs can be transported at once. The pad upholstery is developed in cooperation with leading music institutions in Sweden.


Weight: 9 kg
Sitting height: 40-54 cm
Fabrics: Standard Bogesund Mega, black, 200 000 Martindale
Upholstery: 25 mm self extinguishing polyether
Pipe material: Steel, 25×1,5mm