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Orchestra Chair Operett

Orchestra Chair OperettaOperett is a petite and fully functional chair for orchestra and choir.

The chair has adjustable backrest for individual adaptability. The backrest can be adjusted both in depth and height. The attachment of the backrest is pin-jointed, and thus adapts to the musician. This altogether makes Operett an properly ergonomic musician’s chair, that is both flexible and practical.

Operett has upholstered seat and backrest, and it is also stackable. As an optional choise Operett can be delivered with adjustable leg height with the same technique as on our chair Classic Pro.

Operett can be seen as a lighter version of Musica Pro, without renouncing quality. Since Operett is easier to carry, transport and store we like to recommend this as a touring chair for orchestras with high demands.

To transport Operett we recommend our chair trolley Entre.


Weight: 5,5 kg
Sitting height (standard): 48 cm
Backrest depth: 38-56 cm
Fabrics: Standard Bogesund Mega, black, 200 000 Martindale