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Stand Up Support Chair Global

Standing Support Chair GlobalGlobal is an ingenious and highly customizable chair. Global is popular amongst musicians, conductors, teachers and stand-up-artists. The chair is perfect for situations where you alternate between sitting and standing. Global is one of the first products we started selling, and it has made many customers happy with its brilliant construction.

Standing Support Chair Global is continuously adjustable in both seat and backrest separately. The inclination of the seat has two positions, and the depth of the backrest cushion as well. Global is a robust and safe chair. It is also easily folded and carried, and does not require much space in storage. Global is a chair for the orchestra and the stage, as well as behind the counter or in your living room.

As a complement there is a foldable foot support available. We can also offer this chair in a children’s size, Global Kids.

GLOBAL Foot support


Weight: 6 kg
Sitting height: 53-83 cm
Backrest depth: 25 cm