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Conductor’s Music Stand Master


Conductor’s Music Stand MasterMaster is a solid, stable and discrete conductor’s music stand. The musical score board is large and black stained, with a ledge dressed in fabric for the conductor’s baton. The tripod is similar to our other music stands, but more stout.

Of course height and tilt can be continously adjusted. To ensure stability the tilt is easily adjusted with a drawbolt catch.

Master comes with preassembled lighting attachments, suitable for both LED and Halo lightings in double implementation.

In case you need more space, we offer an extra shelf to attach to the tripod. Another practical product connected to Master is Estrad Conductor’s Podium, which will give the conductor an elevated spot to ensure a good overview of the orchestra.


Conductor´s  Music stand Master with lamps HaloMaster with Halo

Conductor´s Music stan Master with lams LEDMaster with LED

Estrad Conductor's PodiumConductor's Podium Estrad


Weight: 12,7 kg
Board measures: 70×48 cm
Shelf depth: 4 cm
Height: 78-120 cm from the boards lower edge
Tripod width: 53 cm
Board material: Veneered MDF, 12 mm
Telescopic tube material: Electro-zink plated steel 20×20 mm, thickness 2 mm
Tripod material: Steel 25×25 mm, thickness 2 mm and Ø30 mm, thickness 2 mm