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Music Stand Start


Music Stand StartStart is a stable, functional and easily handled music stand. It can be adjusted in several ways to suit your needs. This music stand is excellent for schools, churches as well as your private home. The genuine craftmanship for this traditional model music stand also fits right in on the stage of an orchestra. Our 10 year waranty ensures the high quality!

Start is a user friendly piece of music furniture, as you can make continous adjustments in both height and inclination of the sheet music board, with solid wing screws. The possibilities are endless! The music stand comes with a preassembled lighting attachment and we can also offer an extra shelf if you have need for more unloading space. If you want to customize your music stand, we have extra high tripods, weight sets, table models and weather protection screens in our regular stock. And if there is some other customization of your music stand you need, we can surely arrange that too.

LED- or halogen lamps are both available as accessories. Start is stackable for your convenience during transport or storage. Of course, we also offer a trolley for our music stands. Our special tour model, Start Swing, has foldable feet to further facilitate carrying.

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shelf for music standExtra shelf

Swing Foot for Music Stands

Tripod Swing

Attachment for lighting on BISON Music StandAttachment for lighting


Weight: 3 kg (alt 5 kg for heavy model)
Board measures: 53×34 cm
Shelf depth: 4 cm
Height: 62 -105 cm (alt 82 - 125 cm for high model) from the boards lower edge
Tripod width: 45 cm
Board material: Aluminium, thickness 1,5 mm
Telescopic tube material: Electro-zink plated steel, 15×15 mm, thickness 1,5 mm
Tripod Material: Steel, 20×20 mm, thickness 2 mm and Ø25 mm, thickness 1,5 mm