Music Stand Swing

Swing Foot for Music StandSwing is a special music stand made for touring. It has foldable feet which makes it easier to transport and store. This music stand is perfect for both the troubadour and the orchestra going on tour. You can combine Swing with both the sheet music boards Start and Concert. The quality is the same: Swing is truly a high-quality music stand.
As an addition we offer the touring box Medley which fits 4 Swing music stands with Start or Concert boards. Of course, the other equipment such as extra shelf, music stand lighting, LED or Halo, weight sets, weather protection and extra high tripod also fits Swing.

Music Stand Start Swing


Music Stand Touring Box Medley


Weight: 3 kg with Start and 4 kg Konsert
Height: 62-105 cm from the boards lower edge
Tripod width: 45 cm
Telescopic tube: Electro-zink plated steel, 15×15 mm, thickness 1,5 mm
Tripod material: Steel, 20×20 mm, thickness 2 mm samt Ø25 mm, thickness 1,5 mm