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Estrad – Mobile Stage System

Estrad Choir Riser from rightEstrad is our own stage, from design and functionality to manufacturing. It is developed in close contact with our customers and their requests and demands.

The staging system Estrad is based on opportunities. It has low weight, it is stable and it’s easy to assemble. The smaller section size makes the system flexible, easy to adapt to different types of premises and uses. Estrad is mobile and built to make it easy for one person to single-handedly assemble the stage.

Aluminium along with bitch plywood gives strength and low weight. With our own manufacturing we can oblige special demands and wishes for section sizes.

Estrad is suitable both indoors and outdoors and stands both rain, sun and cold very well. The surface layer melamine/phenol makes the sections incredibly hard-wearing.

The legs are detachable, which adds to Estrad flexibility by simply being able to build different sizes with the same sections. To reconstruct a stage to a choir riser with the same parts is good ergonomics.

The differens sections in the staging system is easily attached to eachother with our unique leg clamp, that with a simple one hand grip and without any tools will hold the stage together.

Supplements to Estrad is railings, chair stopper, transport trolley, both for sections and legs in different lengths.

Estrad with Musica Pro and Concert

Estrad with Grand Piano



Measures: 120×60 cm respectively 120×80 cm
Weight: 13 kg respectively 16 kg
Maximum load: 750 kg/sqm, lumped load 225 kg
Standard leg lengths: 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 90 and 100 cm
Aluminium profile: Anodized aluminium
Section: Solid birch plywood, 15 mm with sealed edges in 11 layers
Surface: Melamine respectively phenol
Color: Gray and black